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fishing strings

fishing strings

Angelstrings - violin show Berlin, 2 violinists Berlin.

Two enchanted angels stage a stringed duel that unwittingly draws audiences into a mischievous struggle between innocence, purity, temptation and sin. Angelstrings present an original compilation of familiar pop, rock and classical evergreens in a compelling arrangement of clashing bows.  


Choreography, costume, melody and stage effect are entwined to provoke the sentiment and controversy lying behind good and bad in a powerful show.  


With extensive live experience, including television and corporate functions, the two violinists and performing artists provide under the guidance of their art director Lenn Kudrjawizki (known from TV and film productions like "pope Joan", "The Counterfeiters" etc.) a highlight for any occasion.  


Angelstrings were already part of shows with Michael Bublé, Gregorian, Ronan Keating, David Garrett etc.

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