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and musicians

DJ MOKKASIN and musicians

On turntables the musical director of the orchestra with ElectroSwing, DancefloorJazz & BigBeats! And you just dance, dance, dance!

DJ tunes and  vocals, musicians or acrobats.

Party with us and "beat" the roaring 20's!

Celebrate fashion, style & attitude.


Let us entertain you with custom made shows!


Additional musicians, acrobats, aerial acts, dancers and stunning video content.


Playlist: Parov Stelar, Bart & Baker, Caro Emerald, Louie Prima, Caravan Palace, US3, Yolanda be cool, Robin Schulz, Propellerheads feat Shirley Bassey, Felix Jähn, Madcon ... Plus own remixes of Party Classics in ElectroSwing style.

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