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misses toms

Misses Toms

Misses Toms - the energetic Power Drumming Show intoxicates its audience in a breathtaking stage show  with a unique drum performance.  


in one  In the drum cage equipped with powerful drums, which was specially designed for this show, Misses Toms slowly start to increase the speed of the show and show how you can surpass yourself and break your own chains.


  State-of-the-art show technology illuminates their drums with LED light in RGB.  


Whether as a show highlight or as a motivation and incentive option - Misses Toms inspire the audience.

Misses Toms offer interaction with the audience and visual highlights within a multimedia show - the production team at Misses Toms offer extensive options to create an individual show for your event.


feminine power,  more futuristic  styles and  modern beats in  faster  let speed  Misses Toms refreshingly new  interact with their audience  and do  every event an experience.  In a possible merger  with dancers, every event gets its personal touch and every product presentation its very own style.

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